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I am loving your baby products so much, so soft on my boy’s skin, the smell is subtle and not too much for them or myself, and it goes on their skin smooth and easy. We love your bath soak, its the perfect way for the boys to soak up some goodness into their skin.

We have also used the vapour and it is like magic, my youngest boy had a cold and I rubbed it on his back, chest and toes and it wasn’t strong like other products that help with colds on our babies skin, the very next day his runny noes was 100% better, we continued for a few nights! It worked like magic.

Thank you for creating products that work, but are organic and natural this is so incredibly important to me ♥️

– Jess



Can’t recommend this brand highly enough! My little one had a patch of eczema that wouldn’t budge. Then I tried Organik Babee’s bath soak, followed by their massage oil, and within 3 days it was completely gone. Never returned since, and my babies skin is softer than ever. Thank you Organik Babee, you guys rock!! Xx

– Hana



Now a winter essential in our home is the vapour lotion, I cannot believe how amazingly soft it left my darlings skin it was also non-greasy and smelt lovely. Thank you for a beautiful product and quick delivery we couldn’t ask for more! X

– Kim



Genuine review - Let's talk eczema or maybe dermatitis. I don't actually know what it is but it's itchy, red and keeps coming back. Delia has had this mainly on the inside of her elbows but also at the top of butt, backs of knees and also has a raised rash all over her tummy like tiny little goosebumps. I have tried so many types of creams and ointments including coconut oil, moogoo, QV, Gaia (if it has water as the first ingredient, don't even bother) to the point we ended up with prescribed cream that has steroids in it. The prescribed cream did help her eczema but it didn't get rid of the rash and I hated putting it on her little body.

Then I came across @organikbabee I read some reviews and thought it sounded good but aren't we all skeptical of anything from other IG shares these days #everythingisanad but I saw she was in SA and found out her SIL worked with me #typicaladelaide who highly praised her amazing work. So then I saw her at a recent market and we had a good chat about her products and ethics, I thought I could only try.

With in a few days Delia's raised rash on her little body had completely gone and her skin was back to smooth and soft baby like skin. (She'd had this over a year) I was so wrapped. Then within 1-2 weeks her eczema had healed as well. Of course we need to keep the regiment up because it comes back if left.
If I forget to apply regularly it comes back raw and red again but that is pretty normal and I'm hoping one day she will grow out of this skin condition. I also add a layer of paw paw on top to seal it all in because I find when she has itched to the point of bleeding, it helps take away the sting from the lotion straight to the wound. (Because she gets that bad on the places she can reach). If you or anyone young or old has a problem with unexplained rashes, dermatitis or eczema it is my number one recommendation because I have literally seen it heal her skin. It's made from as much organic ingredients as it possibly can including KI honey (bonus points), it's so light to put on and smells divine.
Honestly. Give this product a go!

– @becky_oceaness 


Bath Soak and Skin Soothing Lotion. I am glad to inform you that my daughter's skin is getting better with your Bath Soak and Skin Soothing Lotion. Your products have made her skin softer and allowed it to have more moisture in a short period.  Thank you very much for your advice and I definitely trust your products for being high quality and safe. – Best regards, Maiko (Japan) 


 Thank you Organik Babee! I treat many clients (children) with sensitive skin, often presenting with more extreme symptoms related to a variety of allergens and irritants effecting their health.  Your products have provided me with a product range that I can confidently recommend as a natural alternative to support their skin during therapy.  It has proven to sooth reddened and inflamed skin that would otherwise e prone to irritation. – Kelli, Bioresonance Therapist 


Handy size travel pack. My daughter suffers from eczema so natural products are a must. This pack is perfect for fitting in the nappy bag and/or travelling. The products work well and smell amazing! – Peta on Baby Essentials Collection  


Love it, love it! I absolutely love this hand and nail cream. I am a religious hand washer; my hands are always in water not having a dishwasher and that has done a lot of damage to my skin. The moment I tried this cream my hands started to feel soft and moisturised. It doesn’t leave your hands oily and it smells beautiful and natural. very happy 😊  – Meg. F on Organic Hand & Nail Cream


Gorgeous products. Beautiful gift to receive for the birth of our little man. Lovely products that are gentle on babies’ fresh skin 😍😍 – Hollie on Organic Petite Bundle


Hand Cream that lives in your top draw... I was given this hand cream as a gift and it now lives in the top draw of my work desk. Being a mum, and a working mum, my poor hands are always washing something and therefore are always dry except when I use this product regularly! Definitely one to keep in your go-to place! – BRIGID on Organic Hand & Nail Cream


 Best Baby Shower Gift! I gave this bundle as a gift to my sister at her Baby Shower recently and what a hit it was! Now the baby is here, they love the products as it leaves the baby's skin feeling smooth and nourished. – BRIGID KOENIG on Organic Lux Bundle


The perfect new mum pack. This bundle has everything a new mum needs, the products are so gentle on the kids’ skin and doesn’t leave them dry and itchy.  Highly recommend this pack for yourself or a gift for a new mum – Shenae on Organic Lux Bundle


Amazing! I have been using this product on my daughter for over a year now. After trying so many different products on my daughter’s eczema, this has been the only one that has actually worked! It smells delicious too 😊 – Courtney on Skin Soothing Body Lotion


Organic Hand and Nail Cream I have a nearly 93-year-old client who loves this hand cream! You’re never too old to enjoy the best in life! – Samantha Tink on Organic Hand & Nail Cream


Smells delicious! Love this combo! Not only for my boy’s bath time but I get to use it as well. Skin feels soft & amazing after. – Rachel on Organic Bath-time Duo


 Hair & Body Wash. My husband & I use the Organik Babee Hair & Body wash on our little lady. Outstanding product leaving her skin so soft & beautifully clean. Smells amazing too!! – Jasmin on Natural Hair & Body Wash