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Lovely products

Really enjoying using the organik range of products on our skin, it leaves it super soft and moist and doesn’t leave it feeling dry and flaky.

Such amazing products!

My kids love this! Have started them early on this, as I want them to be used to looking after their skin before they reach their teens… hoping they won’t suffer from acne like I did. They love using the exfoliator and feeling their “soft noses” afterwards!

Family Trio Bundle
Airlie Janetzki
Happy Babies! Happy Mama!

First time buying this bundle as I hadn’t yet tried the bubble bath yet. Previously ordered the baby bundle loved all the products in there especially the soothing cream so delicate on my kid’s skin.

I used the bubble bath once, my son skin flared up and was disappointed to read on the back it has fragrance in it. I won’t purchase that product again but I love everything else about the bundle. If it was free of nasties, I would reconsider buying the bubble bath again.

Hi Airlie. We’re sorry to hear that your son experienced a skin flare-up after using the bubble bath. While our products have been created to the very highest standards for young skin, a small minority may experience a reaction. Our bubble bath is 98% natural. We do offer a 100% happiness guarantee so please contact our customer service team at and we will be more than happy to assist.

Tween skincare

I purchased the tween skincare starter kit for my 1w year old, she loves it! She has sensitive skin that usually reacts to new products but this is very gentle on her skin 😊 beautiful products.

Baby Skincare Bundle
Shakira Hanson
Absolutely AMAZING

I absolutely love using this bundle for our daughter. The hair and body wash is so calming. We use the moisturiser and body wash everynight then treat her with the soak once a week. I love how it's natural and wouldn't use anything else.

Best for your baby!!

We have recently started using these products for our 2 and a half year old and our 9 month old! They smell amazing and leave the kids skin feeling fresh! I love the products have no nasty chemicals!

Best hand cream!

I use this cream religiously every single night! With the daily use of hand sanitizer, my skin around my nails and my nail health have been lacking! This has made such a positive difference and it smells and feels amazing! Highly recommend!!

Baby Skincare Bundle

This bundle is absolutely perfect for all my little ones bath routine. Healthy products for their skin, makes them smell Devine and feels so soft. Wouldn’t want to us anything else!

Soothing Cream

We’ve been using the soothing cream for a few weeks now and loving it, so hydrating on the skin. As someone who gets eczema on the hands it’s great to have a cream that doesn’t cause a breakout! Thank you

Baby Skincare Bundle
Catherine turner

Our all time favourite products. They smell amazing & leave a beautiful bubbas skin feeling super soft.


My tween girls are absolutely loving this range. So easy to use and they love how soft there skin is feeling . What also is amazing is how gentle they are on there skin it never goes red. Great way to start there skincare at a young age. Thank you

Baby Skincare Bundle
Kimberley Bradshaw

Before I even opened the box I could smell how amazing it was!
The package was beautiful, the products are lush! Highly recommend!

Baby Bath Soak
Amy Loots
Amazing proucts

Love these products they will be a staple from now on

Amazing product and incredible service

My daughter was so wrapped with her first skin care set from Organik Wellness. It smells and feels so amazing. The gift wrap and prompt delivery made the experience such a special one. Thank you Lena and team!

Mama Hand & Nail Cream
Tina Filippidis
My go to hand cream

As someone who can not handle the feeling of dry hands, this has now become my number 1 go to hand cream. It's light but still leaves the hands feeling smooth and moisturised. The fragrance is very natural and isn't overpowering like other hand creams on the market.

Mama Body Moisturiser
Tina Filippidis
Love this Moisturiser

Love this moisturiser, it's the perfect addition to my daily routine. The consistency is just right, not too thick, not too oily and no overwhelming fragrance. A great natural moisturiser that leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh.

Gentle & effective

This hair and body wash is beautiful and gentle. No strong smell and no nasties. A great product!

A beautiful product

This soothing cream is working wonders on my little guys dry skin. Beautiful nourishing ingredients, soft fragrance and no nasties. Highly recommend.

Bubble Bath
vanessa saunders

An amazing, fun scented bubble bath. Fun bubbles for the big kids and gentle on the skin of babies too. Great all round family product!

Bubble Bath
Tina Brodie
So good you could eat it!

A beautiful kids bath product. Smells absolutely amazing, both my kids wanted to eat it - pretty sure Miss 5 did.. but with all natural ingredients you can trust that even if they do swallow the bath water it wouldn’t hurt 😉 You can get it really bubbly which makes for extra fun - even for Mr 8 who usually prefers a shower. As a sensitive skin family this product gets our tick of approval!

Baby Soothing Cream
Megan Ulstrup
An absolute must-have!

We were fortunate enough to try the new and improved formula, and for someone who loved the original, to say this is even better really speaks volumes! It's so gentle on my son's delicate skin, yet doesn't compromise on performance. Not to mention, the smell and texture is divine! An absolute must-have in our opinion.

Tween Skin care range

My 12 year old son was lucky enough to try the new Tween skin care range. Amazing!!!
Beautiful products that are gentle on his young skin and easy for him to use. I am so glad as this has allowed him into a good skin care routine early on with minimal fuss.

Baby Soothing Cream
Megan Ulstrup
So happy with the results!

My son suffered terrible baby acne when he was 1-2 months old. Ever since we started using this product, his skin has remained so soft and free from any imperfections! It�s part of our daily massage routine now.

Baby Hair & Body Wash
Megan Ulstrup
Soft, supple skin!

This body wash is divine! Not only does it leave the skin soft and supple, it has such a calming scent about it. It truly makes bath time enjoyable for everyone!

Baby Skincare Bundle
Megan Ulstrup
The perfect baby shower gift!

I�ve gifted this gorgeous bundle to a few expecting Mums now, all of which have loved it! Great value for money too.