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Hi, I’m Lena, founder of Organik Wellness & Trading Co and this is our story...

I remember a very popular baby wash was handed to me only hours after my daughter, Alexis was born. I politely said ‘No, thanks' to the nurse and wondered if she realised what harmful ingredients were used to make this product.

Once we arrived home and I quickly started blending up bathing oil from our kitchen pantry to use in her first bath, at the time my husband thought I was crazy… It was after the arrival of our 2nd daughter, Ivy that we understood what it was like to have a child who was prone to skin irritations such as eczema and severe nappy rash.

We were being recommended to use steroid creams, and the majority of products available on the market contained harsh chemicals such as parabens, talc, artificial fragrances, and sulphates to name a few.  Using chemical-based products on my children was not an option.  I identified a gap in the market for non-toxic skincare for little ones, this is where the idea of ‘Organik Babee’ was born.

Having over 15 years of experience working within management, accounting and training roles for businesses of all sizes, in particular, within the beauty and wellness industry.   I wanted to combine my knowledge for business, along with my passion for health & beauty, and in 2016 I launched Organik Babee.

Being a busy mother of two, leaving the corporate world, and starting a business while on maternity leave was not easy!  But the more I delved into the business it only made it clearer to me that consumers were not being educated on ingredients used in skincare products, particularly those for children, which gave me the drive and dedication to continue what we're doing today! 

A bit has changed in the past three years, which has led us to a re-brand so we can continue to grow the brand and launch new products, my promise, to you, is that our products will always be made, with love, in Australia, from ingredients that are ethically sourced, gentle on the skin and kind to our earth.

Much love, Lena xxx